• I feel as though there are not enough hours in a day

  • I am overwhelmed by problems coming at me 24/7

  • I feel very ineffective and can’t prioritize

  • I am not reaching the business' financial and strategic goals

  • I don't feel as though I am developing personally and professionally

  • I can't find the time and space for reflection or strategic thinking

  • I am not getting the best out of my team

  • I am not good at filtering opportunities to grow and strengthen the business

  • I don't have quality time for my friends and family

  • I don’t prioritize my wellbeing and health

But, what if your work-life as an executive leader was more like this…

8 Steps to Bounce Back and Thrive

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  • “I consistently have space to reflect and think, with clear priorities and I have a great work-life balance”.
  • “After a productive day, I go home to spend quality time with my family and friends. “.
  • “I enjoy working, and my team is motivated and inspired to persistently exceed our targeted-goals”.
  • “I am seen by my peers as a forward-thinking and effective global leader”.
  • “I am often featured in the leading industry magazines as a pioneer and innovator”.
  • “I feel accomplished, and I see substantial improvement in my health and well-being”.

This is where I can add value…

I coach ambitious executives and senior Leaders, who WANT to become more successful and effective to achieve positive long-term change in leadership behaviour as perceived by their teams – without compromising their well-being.

You can also expect to take a visible lead in engaging the key stakeholders in your leadership ability into the process. They will play an invaluable role in providing suggestions and ideas throughout the coaching programme.

As well as measurable growth in yourself, expect a sustainable, major impact on the quality of your team’s performance.

My coaching ensures improvement in personal performance, creating positive and trusting working environments that will have lasting impact on employers, their organisations, teams and bottom line.


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This will help us to identify the competencies you need to develop in order to succeed in a competitive business environment, considered to be needed moving forward by the best of the present generation of global leaders.

Work with Grace
Work with Grace

If you are in search of a Leadership coach and mentor with first-hand experience of what it takes to be a confident and great leader without compromising your wellbeing – then you are in the right place.

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Meet Grace
Meet Grace

Grace Kew, a respected educator and leader in Denmark and the United Kingdom, brings her extraordinary global leadership experiences to lead with clarity, whilst enhancing your well-being.

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I've worked with business leaders of small, medium and large companies and helped them achieve both their business and lifestyle goals. Click on the link below to view their testimonials.

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