3 Habits of Effective Leaders

Your life today is essentially the sum of habits that you have developed over time. It is therefore possible to consciously review and alter some of the habits that don’t seem to help you with being effective.


  • Reflect: Take time to reflect and review the impact of your actions at the end of a busy day or week. What worked well and why? What went terribly wrong and why? and what am I going to do about it? A self-reflective leader begins with knowing what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re doing it.
  • Recognise: Say thank-you to your team for their efforts and achievements where it is due. Recognising small things can make a big difference and will certainly promote the support of those you lead. Effective leaders motivate their team to do great things.
  • Right people in the Right place: It is very important to get the right people on your bus before you figure out where to drive it. Ensure that you have people in roles that maximize their skills and ensure alignment throughout the organisation.

Becoming an effective leader does not happen overnight. However, you can consciously start creating new habits by committing time to practicing and reinforcing the desired behaviours.

I recall how applying these habits supported me as a leader. However, the challenge was to consistently find dedicated time for self-reflection.

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