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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” ~ Nelson Mandela


Grace Kew, a respected educator and leader in Denmark and the United Kingdom, brings her extraordinary global leadership experiences to lead with clarity, whilst enhancing your well-being.  A coaching consultancy working in partnership with executives and senior leaders who WANT to be successful.

Grace draws on her experiences of working and living in countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia to bring strong cultural awareness and an intuitive, non-judgmental style to her clients and coaching.

Grace is committed to coaching leaders who have the humility to admit and accept they’re not perfect, the courage to make changes even the ones that make them uncomfortable, and the discipline to implement an established action plan.

Grace’s core values are empowering leaders to take ownership, commit to succeed, account for their own actions, persevere despite knock backs, make a difference in people’s lives and continue to learn and grow -personally and professionally.

Grace’s vision as a coach is to empower successful individuals to reach their full potential, transform results and enhance their well-being.


Are you achieving success in all areas of your life?

Or does it seem like you are constantly struggling to balance your challenging work demands with other important things in life like your family, friends, the ever-increasing workload and your overall well-being?

I recognise this too well as I was once where you are right now. I compromised the most important things in my life such as valued relationships and well-being for outstanding business and educational outcomes.

I was so determined to be a great leader, and my focus was always about working hard, studying, and ensuring that the highest standards were consistently met.

Thankfully, as part of my leadership journey, I invested in a professional coach with whom I could work with to manage my workload effectively, achieve outstanding results and a better work-life balance.

These experiences and challenges I faced as a leader are common to any leadership role in any organisation. It is this awareness, these experiences and my passion to empower other leaders to achieve outstanding results whilst ensuring a great work-life balance in the process, which ultimately led to the creation of Grace Kew -Leadership Consultancy.

Currently, Grace’s mission is to continue making a positive difference in the field of coaching by contributing to evidence-based research practices.

She recently participated in a ground-breaking international study investigating the effects of interpersonal synchrony in coaching endorsed by Vrije University, Amsterdam, Ashridge Centre for Executive Coaching, UK, and Case Western Reserve University, US research led by Tünde Erdös Ashridge MSc. In Austria.

Grace has contributed a chapter to the book, The Coaching Science Practitioner Handbook published May 2020.

This book is a resource for ENTREPRENEURS. Those striving to build an evidence-based coaching practice. MANAGEMENT – People that want to lead effective teams and advance in the workplace. COLLEGE STUDENTS – Graduates and early career professionals that want clarity and direction in their careers. The book has been endorsed by global coaching gurus such as Marshall Goldsmith, Jonathan Clutterback to name a few.

8 Steps to Bounce Back and Thrive

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Grace is also very passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations with building their resilience and has published a ‘must-read’ e-Guide, on Building Resilience, and Embracing Well-Being.

If you are ready to involve your key stakeholders in your behaviour change process, then let’s talk about how I can help.


My core values are:

  • Empowerment to take ownership

  • Commitment to succeed

  • Accountability for own actions

  • Making a difference to people’s lives

  • Perseverance despite knock backs

  • Continue to learn and grow (personally and professionally)

On a Personal Note

I was born in Zambia, and have studied and worked in Zimbabwe, Botwana, Scotland, Denmark, England and China. This has provided me with first- hand experience of the intricacies of interacting and working with different cultures.

I am married to a wonderful man and have two sons. I am also a proud grandmother of four adorable grandchildren. In my personal time, I am passionate about spending time with family and friends. I love travelling, boating, walking, cooking and baking. I also enjoy spending time at the gym or reading a good book. One of the craziest and most terrifying thing I have done in my life is Bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge (between Zambian and Zimbabwe) with 111 meters of pure adrenaline rush.


My Testimonials
“Grace is a confident coach who works in a structured way. She is results focused, and driven to
consistently deliver a good outcome for her client.

Grace helped me to realize that I can do more than I think, I am capable of in order to make significant changes in my life - on the basis that I take ownership by putting an action plan in place with clear steps, deadlines, and commit to following it through”.
Marna Marx. Marketing Director Smart Start Minds. Essex, England – United Kingdom
“Grace’s professionalism stood out from the very first session. I could feel her commitment to the coaching process which put me at ease.

I certainly felt I had better clarity and something to aim for after each session.”
Hefin Harris. Coach to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs| MD of PC ResQ Limited. England – United Kingdom.
"Grace kept me on track as I can easily get distracted - so having Grace being direct in her questioning was just what I needed to achieve my goals. She was extremely professional in our coaching relationship and adhered to the boundaries between a coach and client.

Owing to the support from Grace, I am well on the way to successfully completing my diploma this
Imelda Tunnicliffe – BA Air Cabin Crew & Post Divorce Coach. Hampshire – United Kingdom.

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