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– Are you a leader who WANTS to become even more successful?


– Are you looking for a Tried, Tested, Transparent, Structured, World-class Proven and Powerful Coaching Process that Guarantees Measurable Leadership Results?


– Are you ready to improve your leadership effectiveness as perceived by your stakeholders?


If this resonates with you, then Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching is the right approach for you.




Whereas executive development and coaching programs generally focus heavily on (intellectual) learning and little on follow through and measuring tangible results, Stakeholder Centered Coaching has turned this on its ear with a strong emphasis on implementation and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness.

The programme is a structured process covering 7 Phases over a 12-month period and roughly 15 sessions. A yearlong process is most effective and assures the best results. However, engagements over 6 or 9 months are also possible.

Key Benefits:

  • Providing the business with a long-term significant ROI.
  • Empowering the leader to lead the change and grow as a coach
  • Providing the leader with Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth through applying a coaching process that has been successfully implemented by more than 150 CEOs and other top executives of Fortune companies.
  • Systematic involvement of stakeholders in the leadership growth journey, which leads to an increase in Communication, Trust and Results
  • Improved leadership growth, and effectiveness as perceived by stakeholder

– Is your organisation looking to Rapidly Transform your Leaders’ and Teams’ effectiveness to higher-impact results?


– Are you looking for a Powerful, Reliable, World-class proven Coaching process with Guaranteed Measurable Results?


– Are you looking for a Simple, Time-Efficient, and Cost-effective Investment to help Empower and Grow your Teams’ productivity and results?


 If this reverberates with you, then Marshall Goldsmith TEAM Stakeholder Centred Coaching is the right approach for you.




This is a yearlong TEAM coaching program typically starts with 2 days TEAM coaching workshops to initiate the coaching and leadership growth process. It is followed by 11 monthly Team coaching sessions, monthly 1 on 1 coaching per team member, quarterly Leadership Progress Reviews (LGPR), quarterly ‘Coaching in Action’ workshops as a team.

Key Benefits:

  • Measurable Leadership Growth Guarantee
  • Transforming leaders and teams at the same time
  • Creating openness to continuous change
  • Extremely resource efficient approach
  • Application of learnings on the job and measuring results through follow up
  • Adding real value for leaders being coached, their teams and the organisation

– Are you lacking in confidence as a leader?


– Are you struggling to find the right balance between work and home life?


– Are you finding it challenging to deal efficiently with returning to work in the ‘new normal’?


– Are you a Neurodivergent leader or leader, who is finding it challenging with planning, time-management, prioritisation and organisation?


If this sounds like you then One-on-One Bespoke Coaching could be exactly what you are looking for.




The bespoke program is ideally for between 6 months and a year as a shorter commitment is not enough to create lasting change. However, I do consider a 3-month programme following a complimentary consultation.

The bespoke solution could include:

  • Leading effectively in a changing and agile world
  • Coaching around building resilience and well-being
  • Planning, organisation, time-management and prioritisation strategies
  • Effective ‘home-working’ and how this can be applied in the workplace
  • Coaching around the agenda that is meaningful and matters to the client

Key Benefits:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Leverage your strengths for enhanced performance
  • Improved work-life balance and enhanced well-being
  • Discover fresh perspectives and set a new direction
  • Empower employees and encourage them to take responsibility
  • Opportunity to build resilience, and deal efficiently with unexpected events
  • Increase in employee motivation, morale, engagement, productivity and ROI
  • Improved, effective and efficient leadership skills, time management, and planning
In the 60 minutes discussion, we’ll work together to:

  1. Discover the biggest obstacle or blind-spot holding you back
  2. Discover how Stakeholder Centered Coaching process Guarantees Measurable Leadership Growth
  3. Gain clarity on your most important goals that will help you to make the biggest difference and thrive at work and home


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